In some social circles it's cool to complain about your job.

This is not that circle.

Most of us will spend more waking hours with our coworkers than with our family. That time should be energizing, stimulating and overall pleasant.

... But what if it's not?

Let's change it for the better.

This space is dedicated to the leadership nerds* who are passionate about building an awesome company culture. 

It's for good people who want to be great leaders; for the caring companies who want to recognize and motivate the people who work for them.

Better Bossing provides products and resources that help you serve your most valuable business asset: your team.

- Physical cards for recognizing a colleague, team member or random do-gooder

- Prints to motivate and inspire

- Articles

- Videos

I'm Stephanie. My career started in a warehouse. With the support of a few fantastic mentors, I built a reputation as an enthusiastic contributor with my increasing responsibilities. Eventually I found myself in the corporate office of a Fortune 500 company as a member of the management team. People management and employee engagement are a couple of my favorite things.


* Leadership Nerd - a person who geeks out on topics related to serving others. Is genuinely interested in making the office a better place. Believes in hard work, finding fun and spreading good vibes in the business world. For an example, see the author.